Holmston  Hall

The Carp Pool

The Carp Pool, is our most established water and contains a wide variety of fish, including:

    •    Common and Mirror Carp (up to 30 Pounds).

    •    Chubb

    •    Barbel

    •    Bream

    •    Crucian Carp

    •    Tench

The Moat

The Moat

Silver Fish and F1s

The Pool was first established in 2006, and  makes an excellent sport pool.

The Woodland Pool


The woodland pool is a smaller pleasure pool with a mix of fish up to 15lbs and is suited for the less experienced angler.

Fishing Prices



1 Rod     £7

2 Rods     £10


After 4pm

1 Rod        £5

2 Rods        £7


Children        £5 all day (conditions see below* **)

*Children will be charged full adult prices at weekends and Bank Holidays on the Carp Pool unless:

A: Sharing a peg with an adult

B: Two children sharing 1 peg.


**Children must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at a close distance (within eyesight) to that adult at all times.


All lakes must be vacated at dusk without exception; night fishing is strictly prohibited 



Please ensure that you have dipped your landing nets before you start fishing.


Fees will usually be collected by the Bailiff or a member of staff on the bank.

Holmston Hall

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